Weekly Wins 12: Sisterhood scouts shoot fish in a battle, a return to rats, and more Basileans.

This week I’ve managed to sneak in 2 games and I’m feeling pretty damn smug about it! On Tuesday I took a Basilean force, consisting of predominantly foot troops, into battle against the Trident Realms. It was a really close fought game and the Basileans just about claimed the day. My spear horde had a good run, taking a Coral Giant and horde of Water Elementals off the table, before bringing their unit strength in to claim the dominate circle. The stars of the show though were the three regiments of Sisterhood Scouts. Very much cast in the Gladestalker mould these ladies saw off a regiment of Tidal Swarm, a horde of Water Elementals, a Thuul Mythican, and harassed a Coral Giant. What’s more two regiments survived to tell the tale.

My foray with the rats was considerably less successful, however, this was expected, and it was just as fun. Ratkin are my favourite faction in Kings, but my move from second to third edition has been… extended. Over the past year I’ve been keeping an eye of Simon Brand’s progress with the little bundles of cuteness. This has categorically proven that rats are most definitely a strong army, and they don’t rely on any spam builds to deliver those knock out blows. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m expecting the same results, but with a little practice I might be able to get the odd win in.

This week’s game saw them pitched against the mighty Rift Forged Orcs. I hate playing orcs purely because they just look, and play, like a massive slab of green aggression. I decided to give a mixed arms, MSU army a whirl and whilst I came in a solid second I was happy enough with the army performance. This is definitely the start of the journey and I’m looking forward to making some progress (hopefully).

And finally, how’s that pile of painting going? Well, I managed to get another 7 models completed. 5 Sisterhood Scout kit bashes and two test models for my Paladin Foot Guards. Not sure what the plan for next week is yet, but there will be rats on the table on Sunday.

This week sees the Sisterhood Scout regiments completed and the foot paladins started… I’ll leave you to guess how many regiments of those are in the cupboard!

I hope everyone at the UK Clash of Kings has an absolutely fantastic weekend. I have so many great memories from last year at Cardiff, and hope to do another one in the not too distant future.

Models completed so far: 14

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