Aged twelve Gerald is separated from his mother. Alone in the world he is coerced into committing a theft. Once the theft is done, he hides himself away to wait for death. Seventy years later he is still in hiding, terrified of the world beyond his sanctuary, but his world is changing, and he must venture out into the world once more to face the consequences of his actions.

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The Immortal Question… immortality in fantasy storytelling
The inspiration for The Rose of Amzharr

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    I set off to leafy Surrey for my first event of the year with my beloved rats wondering if I should have taken Basileans!
  • Bye bye 22… hello 23
    Another year has disappeared over the horizon and the next 365 day void has promptly appeared, demanding to be used productively (definitions of productively may vary). Last year was certainly a busy year under the general hobby umbrella that is The Wizard’s Bookshelf and 2023 has the potential to be as well, provided I can pull my finger out.
  • The Winter King: a short story
    Visit Amzharr for a final time this year. This short story introduces the Winter King and tells of how he made the mountains.