Weekly Wins 13: Halfling support toads and reaching rock bottom with Rats

This week has been, well, erm… interesting. I took my ratkin out against the mighty undead on Sunday night. I wasn’t expecting a win as I’m still very much trying to get my head around the army once again, but I also wasn’t expecting the table to collapse somewhere around turn 4!

In fairness to my opponent, by that stage the game was going firmly his way after a lucky shot from a Balefire Catapult took out my Tangle in turn 2 and my front line was wavered in turn 3 (which would have been fine had the Tangle and its Aura of Fury still been alive). I was very fairly and squarely out played by the time the ground literally disappeared from under my rats’ feet. Once it was established that the few breakages could be easily glued back into place, it was time to retreat to my lair and plan my next assault on the world above.

The list I played on Sunday gave me a chance to try out a Vermintide Legion and Birthing Daughter. As with so many Ratkin units neither of these are outstandingly great individually, but together they are quite interesting. The Birthing Daughter has a Strider Aura for trashy units like Vermintide, and the Legion has no less than 36 attacks (albeit with Melee 5). In addition, the unit has movement 6, nimble and D3 wild charge (made more interesting by giving the unit Brew of Haste), all of which presents reasonable opportunities for shenanigans. Of course, the 240mm by 80mm base does mean any shenanigans must be carefully considered in advance!

Its first outing proved to be rather disappointing, which was entirely down to me. Despite that though I have the bits to make up a Legion (having used a very sparce proxy for the game) and have decided to give them another go, maybe they’ll play better if they look better. This has also helped reduce my backlog by another 13 models.

Will this lot ever make it to the Ribbit Rumble?

And finally… the toads. I am slowly adding to my Halflings. I have a bit of a theme I want to explore with this army which means I’ll be bringing in a number of non-Mantic models. The first of these additions are 4 battle toads who will be added to various multi-bases for a bit of character.

The toads bring the week’s total painted up to 17 and gives a year-to-date total of 31.

Have a great week everyone.

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Fantasy storyteller, reader and wargamer.

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