Bye bye 22… hello 23

Another year has disappeared over the horizon and the next 365 day void has promptly appeared, demanding to be used productively (definitions of productively may vary). Last year was certainly a busy year under the general hobby umbrella that is The Wizard’s Bookshelf and 2023 has the potential to be as well, provided I can pull my finger out.

Weekly Wins 23 and 24: Proxy hackpaws, actual hackpaws, angry dwarfs and happy holidays

I’m nearly 6 months into my bid to reduce my backlog to single figures (in both senses), and the outlook is a bit bleak, but a new year is on the horizon so that’s sure to provide all the answers.

Tournament report (and a bit of reflection on army changes): Slay Bells in Poole

Having found rats a bit of a challenge to play since third edition I decided to take them to my last tournament of the year.