Happy New Year is a state of mind.

I find New Year, the celebration as opposed to the inevitable flow of days, problematic. I think there is something massively disingenuous about forcing myself into the party spirit simply because I’m getting a new calendar. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good calendar and the smell of a brand new diary, but itsContinue reading “Happy New Year is a state of mind.”

Golden opportunity? You might think it sucks, but it might be best not to bite!

There can be nothing more exciting for an author than having a movie made of your book. It must genuinely be one of the best feelings to think you have produced a story so compelling it’s worth transitioning into a completely different media (not to mention spending millions of dollars on doing so). I wouldContinue reading “Golden opportunity? You might think it sucks, but it might be best not to bite!”

What exactly do you mean by that?

There’s an inevitable range of opinions that crop up when the question gets raised about what a story is trying to say. Suggestions can range from nothing (it’s just an entertaining story), to deep analysis of each individual letter, not to mention the number of full stops used, to try and decipher the writer’s intention.Continue reading “What exactly do you mean by that?”