Weekly Wins 21 and 22: Froggo doggo, fungi tales and a very merry Chratsmas

After another couple of weeks of labouring away with the little people I’m at that stage where my army is starting to look like it might just one day be an army. My first flying dog is fully based and ready for action. I’m excited about this because he’s one of my favourite models from Northumbrian Tin Soldier and he’s set to play a starring role in the army.

As well as the flying doggo I’m also making inroads into the infantry with something that could be mistaken for a horde ready for the table. I have to admit I’m finding the halfling sprue a bit of a pain because whilst the models are lovely, the weapon ratio is a bit of a pain. The sprue has 10 infantry and 5 cavalry models; however the weapons options are a bit restrictive as you have the bits to do 10 melee weapon options and 10 shooting options. It means that everyone can get a weapon, but if you’re not interested in the shooting options well you have a bit of a shortfall. All that means I have a bit of a concern how far towards my final army my current sprues will be able to stretch – obviously it’s not the end of the world but it would have been fab if there could have been enough arm options to allow all models to have melee weapons.

With progress being made the army’s narrative is starting to take shape as well. The Mushroom Muster will be a valiant band of heroes who risk everything to gather rare Yellow Cap fungi. The Yellow Caps only appear as the winter snows begin to melt and they must team up with gnomic guides and their sniffer toads to ensure they bring back the real deal. I’m excited.

And finally rat news. After a year of mainly heading off to tournaments with Basileans the rats are off to Poole to play the Slay Bells event. I’m really looking forward to getting them on the table and I might even manage a bit of a review. There is a special character which is a chariot. I certainly haven’t put the effort in that some people have but I have given my Impaler an extra crewrat to fulfil the special character role, and it’s the perfect excuse to give this lovely looking model a run out.

The hobby count grows by a mighty 8 models to 76.

Wishing you all a creative couple of weeks.

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Fantasy storyteller, reader and wargamer.

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