Weekly Wins 20: rats are back, and the Mushroom Muster starts to take shape

Things have been progressing nicely in the cupboard of dreams where the backlog is stashed. It’s hard to believe I’m now 20 weeks into trying to clear my wardrobe of unpainted minis, but it’s happening! A few things have made their way onto Ebay, but not so much that I believe I’m actually making serious headway.

Am I on track to have no backlog by the middle of next year? Who knows, but I’m finding a new appreciation for what I’m uncovering and wanting to include more of my favourite models in my Kings of War armies, since they are the most likely to make it to the table at the moment.

One collection in particular look on course to find some openings in my halfling army, which is leading it down a particularly fun route. I mentioned in a past post that the little fellas would be supported by a number of giant toads, but plans are now in motion to expand recruitment, a theme has been decided, and a backstory is being considered. To that end this week’s hobby output sees the basing of my Sauceror on Aralez and the completion of my first regiment of Braves. I’m looking forward to rolling this basing out across the whole army and seriously considering whether it will become my entry for the next Birmingham bull-themed event.

In other news, the rats are being hailed once more as the champions of the wardrobe. After almost a year of messing around with Basileans I’ve decided I want to have a few months giving my vermin some TLC, and much needed exercise. Last week I added another Shock Troop regiment and on Sunday I took a new list out against an Undead army with the Shambling Blight formation at its core (together with Barkskin and tonnes of healing). The scenario was dominate, which was great for the Undead player, not so much for me! However, the rats scraped a victory in the sixth turn by destroying one of the zombie legions. A fun game, but wow, that formation is strong.

That’s it for this week. The new hobby total is 68 models completed, so still a little way to go.

Have a good week.

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Fantasy storyteller, reader and wargamer.

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