The Fyrefur Clan goes Mantic: part 4 – Mummies, mistakes and motivation.

Its finally happening… the UK is slowly being released. Actual physical gaming is once again on the table, as it were. After so many months locked away from the Covid it is great to be meeting with friends and getting the dice rolling once again.

With my local club opening its doors last Sunday I’ve already managed to get a game in, and it couldn’t have come soon enough as my enthusiasm for painting rats has been on the wane. Hence, it’s been a while since my last update on how the Manticisation of my rat hordes is going. I had hoped to combine the next update (this one) with a bit of a battle report, but aside from some of the lovely big resins and characters I haven’t been keeping up with the rank and file which means unlocking units are a bit thin on the ground.

On the plus side I have now completed all the new individuals, and what a lovely bunch they are. Mantic have done a great job with these and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there may be some mounted characters in the pipeline. Not only are they useful on the table, but I also have a bit of Goblin envy, which is not a good look.

Mantic have created a great selection of individuals.

The call of the dice

My lack progress on unlocking units for my rats was good news for my first lockdown project, my Abyssal Dwarfs, giving them a chance at an outing. It was great to get them on the table against the Lazy Pirate, Steve Evans, and his fantastic Empire of Dust force. As a first game it was hugely enjoyable. My fluffy Abyssal Dwarf army (no Golems, no mortars), combined with Aura of New Army (all units receive -1 to hit, -1 to wound, defence 2 and nerve 3/5), against a nice crunchy solid grind list featuring the Idol of Shobik and the Soul Snare ended in a largely expected loss (admittedly far greater than expected).

And what a loss it was, not only was I tabled without Steve losing a single unit. But thanks to the Soul Snare I believe the undead were pretty much back to full health by the time my final figure (the Hexcaster) left the table. Of course, a bit of post-game reflection highlighted just how many fundamental mistakes its possible to make in a single game. The highlights (lowlights?) include: forgetting Shobik is shambling, forgetting that units that kill an individual can over run into units behind them, putting the Helfane in the wrong place, sending Ba’su’su off without any real purpose, bringing 305 points less than my opponent to the table… yes dear reader 305 (so glad army lists get checked before tournaments). But none of these things are to be dwelt on, because for the first time in many months a game was actually played and, most importantly, I have my mojo back.

The first 2K

Getting back to gaming has got my enthusiasm for rats back, and in the last few days there has been serious progress. In order, to get some unlocks I’ve focused on finishing a second warrior regiment and rebasing some Tunnel Runners. Whilst its not exactly what I want to take to Clash of Kings it means I now have 2,000 points available to start getting some games in, and my focus is back. Happy days.

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