Book Review: Moon over Soho

What is it?

The follow up to Rivers of London, a murder mystery set within the mythic and modern city of London.

Who’s the writer?

Ben Aaronovitch is a London author whose early career in screen writing saw him write for Doctor Who and Casualty.

What’s it about?

PC Peter Grant is now a year into his wizard training. Whilst London seems to have put the explosive climax of Rivers of London behind it, the scars remain very real for Peter and his closest colleagues, but there is no letting up.

A number of seemingly natural deaths amongst jazz musicians kicks off an investigation that brings Peter’s personal and professional lives awkwardly close.

Is it any good?

Loved it.

This is a great second instalment that moves the story on beautifully. Aaronovitch delivers yet more fantasy, thrills and humour with a side serving of jazz and careful observation. London continues to be a powerful influence on the story, and as you might expect the majority of the action takes place in Soho.

The relationship between Grant and his Master, and commanding officer, also moves forward. This is an interesting dynamic that allows Aarnovitch to explore a number of important themes such as race and policing, important to both the main characters and the city of London. All in all this is a great second instalment.

I now have a bit of quandary – book number three or try something different?

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