Hobby Scrapbook: 2021 – the story so far…

It’s slightly unnerving that even without the joy of regular gaming the first few months of 2021 have already disappeared. However, the upside to this, certainly for those in the UK, is that there is the scent of gaming in the air as we move towards a bit of a relaxation of lockdown (first game organised, list chosen and army painted).

Despite the scarcity of games the mini producers, games designers and content creators have delivered some fantastic stuff for our continued delight. So I thought I would pull together a few of those things that have brought a smile to my face over the last couple of months, or will keep me smiling in the coming months.

Halflings have arrived in Oathmark – March saw the release of the unofficial army list written by Joseph McCullough. It’s limited by the standards of what’s available to other races so no linebreakers or cavalry, but they have their own characters and spell list. There are also a range of metal miniatures that have been added to the Oathmark section of the Northstar website to support it.

Burrows and Badgers Kickstarter – After, it’s fair to say, quite a bit of teasing The Dark, The Devout and The Heroic has landed. This is BnB’s latest Kickstarter which brings with it, not only another influx of anthropomorphic awesomeness, but also two new factions with the undead pawing their way out of the ground and the Witch Hunters intent on crushing their bones. Although it’s now closed, it’s scheduled to land in June so it shouldn’t be long before the these awesome models reach the Oathsworn webstore and the table. New rules are also on their way to support the factions, so I’m sure I’ll be having a look at these a bit more in due course.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Kickstarter due in – The Gnomes are growing, in presence rather than size, with The Gnomes of Agaldur’s Keep. This typically fun faction went up on Kickstarter at the end of last year. I’m looking forward to it arriving in April as I’m have a number of the models earmarked for my Saga: Age of Magic force.

The League has finally arrived – Back in 2019 Mantic’s dungeon crawler with a twist went up on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a delay in the delivery of this one due to Covid, so a little over schedule it has now arrived. Hats off to Mantic for the way they managed this one. I can imagine there were more than a few premature grey hairs grown in Mantic Towers, but they did a great job of keeping in contact and explaining what was going on. Well managed guys. And by the way, if you aren’t aware of this game, the twist is that the playable characters in the game are all villains. So whilst this is a co-op, messing with you’re fellow adventurers is not just encouraged, its written into the rules. I’ve managed a couple of games so far and am really enjoying it.

Mantic rats and tiny undead ships – If you’ve looked at this blog over the past three months you’ll be aware Mantic are now doing their own Ratkin range for Vanguard and Kings of War. Mantic have worked up a pretty solid formula for army releases with a plastic set to cover off the core troops and resin sculpts to cover off the special units and characters. I loved their Abyssal Dwarf range that was released last year, and the rats build comfortably on that success with some beautiful resin miniatures. The first wave is now out, with a second wave out towards the end of April. Mantic have mentioned in podcasts that everything in the army lists will be represented, and it almost is. I’m hoping there will be a final wave after the next to cover off the handful of mounted characters not yet supported, especially given how great the mounted Goblin characters are (surely it’s not right to be envious of a Goblin?).

In addition, the Empire of Dust has taken to the water with their very own range of ships for Armada. Whilst I’m not a big fan of ship games Armada has been really well received, and visually this is my favourite faction so far.

Something to listen to

I’ve been flitting between various podcasts and Youtube channels (as you do) and thought I would share some of my highlights:

The Andy and Rem Show – Traditionally an Age of Sigmar show, the boys have been exploring other fantasy games and inviting some interesting guests on. Recently they had the founder of Warploque miniatures on to talk about his journey in the industry and show case some of his fab Arcworlde minis.

Exploding 8’s Steve and Sean – In their most recent episode the guys have been talking about painting armies. As someone who loves rank and flank games, but is not a fan of the painting required to get these armies on the table, this is a great overview of some ideas and approaches to getting large to-paint-piles battle ready. Both are seasoned gamers and painters, Steve has around 17 completed Kings of War armies (I say around because the number just keeps going up), so bring some valuable insights to the topic.

Small Scale Chatter – A new podcast on the scene with Anjuli Smith, aka GeekGirlBookWorm off of Twitter, talking to various guests from within the miniatures community. The first episode kicked off with Annie from Bad Squiddo in the hot seat talking about her community miniature development project which I found fascinating. Great energy and I look forward to more.

Direct Misfire – After a bit of a hiatus the guys are back with some general Kings of War hobby chat, a review of an event in Australia (yes they are still allowed them over there) and their awesome theme tune to warm up your ears.

So that’s a brief round up of what’s been keeping me sane. If you’ve got this far why not follow the blog, click the like button thing, or you can follow me on Twitter Eddie Bar @EddieBe77 for the same sort of stuff, just much smaller and bit more regular.

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