Weekly Wins – eerm… January? : Tree Thugging, replacement rat chariots and halfling progress

I hate January, so I’m more than happy it’s finally over. Despite a load of colds and general work-related irritations this month’s hobby time has kept me just about the correct side of sane. This year I want to focus a bit more on quality (viewed here as a purely relative term) rather than quantity. As I’ve booked my ticket for Steve Hildrew’s Bull Run event in March I really want to take an army that I feel has a chance of get some soft score love. To that end I’m currently in deliberations as to whether that means Rats or Halflings.

I have goop on all the bases… that’s something!

For some reason I’m feeling quite buoyant about completing the little fellas, although that particular mood tends to change with the wind. It turns out I’m not that far off a 1995 list, minimum model count, so maybe. Being realistic though I think I’m more likely to be taking the Rats. I’m more than happy with that following their admirable showing at Stanes of Blood. So, to that end I’ve been messing around with a few different projects this month.

The first is to finally revisit the Shook Troops I rushed to get done for Clash of Kings back in 2021. This is the first time I’ve ever revisited a unit’s paint job and it’s made a massive difference. One regiment is done… now I just need to get the motivation to do the other one.

One of these things is slightly better than the other.

I’ve also been working on a replacement for one of my Tunnel Runner regiments. I like the Deadzone wheels, but I’ve been really impressed with the new Goblin Chariots and Mincers, so I’ve decided to have a little play. The 3 vehicles are almost done, now they just need some crew.

Working through these models made me revisit my mawbeast paint schemes and now I want to redo all my Hackpaws, so the question is… can I get two regiments done by the end of March?

Finally – excitement is building for Tree Thugging, my third tournament, at the end of the month. I fell into running events by accident but am rapidly growing to really enjoy them, even if I don’t get to play. We’re fully booked with 20 players, there’s a growing reserves list, trophies have arrived and Mantic have very kindly donated some prize support. These are great times.

Happy February everyone.

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