Bye bye 22… hello 23

2022 was a very busy year. A book got written (and published), tournaments were played and run, Basileans were painted, Halflings were continuously pushed to the back of the painting table, and the rats finally managed an outing in the final days of the year.

I have to admit, it not only felt busy, but when I start looking back it becomes abundantly clear it was busy. Settling down with a bottle of whiskey and a tray of mince pies at the end of December was certainly deserved. I think one of the best things about last year was starting to get some perspective on what I want to do with the time I have for whatever this sort of stuff is.

It’s fair to say that the last few years have been far from pedestrian, and certainly not predictable. Somehow, I’ve got to the end of it all doing far more than I really have the time for, but I’ve massively enjoyed it all. So, my thoughts for the last week, or so, have mainly been about what I think I’m going to be able to achieve in 2023 and they go something like this:


In my excitement to get something out into the world I decided to write The Rose of Amzharr as the first part of a series. The plus side to that was that I didn’t have to write a couple of hundred thousand words in one go, allowing myself to ease into the world of writing. Of course, a story consists of a beginning, middle, and end, so I am far from done with it all and the next seventy thousand words are slowly being pieced together. I’ve had a bit of hiatus over Christmas, but I’ll be back on it in the coming days with the plan being to have the next instalment ready for the end of 2023.

Short stories

I’m quite excited about having my very own fantasy world to nurture and explore. I’m finding short stories are a great way of dipping in to it whilst the next instalment of The Rose of Amzharr grows. The best thing is that it allows me to explore a different aspect of Amzharr. Whereas the books are an adventure series the short stories let me play with mythology and folklore. It’s the best fun in the world for a fantasy author being able to endlessly ask why something happens, before inventing the most ludicrous explanation by way of response. I’ve made the short stories I’ve written so far available free through the blog. When I get around to it, I’ll give them their own dedicated page on I’m hoping to release at least one a quarter throughout 2023 and if they are well received I’ll consider popping them into an ebook, maybe even with some bonus material. They’re free and they’re here…

Ripples across Amzharr: the origin of demons

The Winter King: a short story


Running Kings of War tournaments this year has been a real eye opener. I have to admit to more than the slightest sense of satisfaction at manging to serve up two events in 2022. It’s also given me a fresh interest in how others run their events. I’ve certainly changed my view on a few things over the past few months (like soft scores). What I haven’t changed my view on is just how great the tournament scene is in the UK. So many lovely people contributing in so many ways to making events fun and friendly. In 2023 I’m determined to take my rats out a lot more and put a little more effort into the hobby side of things.

With regard to Bristol tournaments (the ones I run) there is so much I want to try, but am not comfortable I have the time to give over to it. Consequently, my aim this year is to put on three events to ensure we continue to have things going on and establish a bit of a foundation for the following years. Bristol has some great players and painters so I feel strongly that there should be something around here. The first of the events will be Tree Thugging in February, in July we’ll have the Southwest Clash, and towards the end of the year The Mean Squeeks of Bristol will return. Watch this space for details.


I have a suspicion that this will be the area of my life that will be hit with the biggest cut in hours, but in many ways that’s fine. I know this is a rarely heard thing, but I actually think I have all the armies I want for Kings of War, and some great models painted up for skirmish games. Consequently, I’m going to continue in my quest to reduce my backlog and revisit some of those models I gave a rough paint job to on the basis that I would one day revisit them. It looks like that day has arrived.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll wish you all a very happy New Year and leave you with a bunch of my favourite pictures from last year’s hobby doings.

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