Unleashing the pile’s potential: weekly wins

The vast majority of us have a bit of a collection of things that, it would be fair to say, don’t get done quite as quickly as we would have hope (if at all). I find there tends to be a bit of a glass half full/glass half empty view about this for most people with that collection of “if only I had the time to…” stuff either being considered a pile of shame or potential.

I tend to err on the side of potential, but then I’m not sure mines that big – I can still fit it all in a single wardrobe and there isn’t a new species of plastic-based life forms evolving in the lower layers. That being said I have got to a place where I really want to sort it all out.

I’ve decided to give myself a year to do it, and at the end of that time I want a nice orderly cupboard and a painting backlog in single figures. Is that too ambitious? I hope not.

Weekly Wins

I know that I’m not going to be painting everything I have, so part of the challenge will be about deciding what to get rid of. But to begin with I’m going to start with what I’m going to call weekly wins. These are mini projects to finish of bits of larger projects that lost my focus. I’m hoping this will also help me decide what is useful, can be painted, and so what is staying.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve made a start on these so here’s a little share:

Elohi Horde conversion

I’ve wanted to add another horde to my Basilean list for a while, and wanted them reflect the new options in the army since COK. I’m using the regular models for angels with Celestial Fury and these guys will be used for a unit that retains defence 5. The spears for these conversions came from Basilean men-at-arms and the shields from GW Arcanite warriors.

Villein Skirmishers

Since Clash of Kings 22 dropped I’ve wanted a Brotherhood army. I set out at the being of the year to build one using Fireforge models, but with a growing Basilean army I wondered if there is a more Mantic solution. There is, but I’m a bit stuck on how to represent up to four different types of cavalry. Clearly the solution is proxying in some GW wolves to cover one of the slots.

The last of the men-at-arms

With only a handful of these guys still left unpainted it was a pretty quick job to get these finished up.

So that’s it for now. I look forward to sharing my next bit of progress in the near future.

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