Book Review: The Ghost Tree

What is it?

American small-town horror, set in the 1980s.

Who’s the writer?

Christina Henry, a horror writer with an increasing back catalogue of great reads including the fantastically gruesome Alice and the terrifically twisted Lost Boy.

What’s it about?

Smith’s Hollow is charming little town. The sort of place you would go for a quiet life. A great place to raise kids, but it has a secret. Unknown to them, Lauren and her little brother David are at the centre of a bloody mystery which will make Lauren see the Ghost Tree, her favourite childhood hang out very differently.

Is it any good?

Of course. Christina Henry’s work goes from strength to strength. Blood, gore and spine-tingling suspense. In short everything you could ever want from a horror book. 

Published by Eddie Bar

Fantasy storyteller, reader and wargamer.

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