Weekly Wins: 8

At the beginning of June I decided to sort out my hobby backlog. My aim is that in 52 weeks I want to have my painting backlog down to single figures and a handle on what is hiding away in my cupboards. I very grandly stated in my first post on the subject that I wanted to unleash the potential in my pile.

How’s it all going, I hear you ask. Well, an indication of how well its going could be deduced from the fact that I am now in week 8 of the project and this is the second post! It’s fair to say this doesn’t mean its going badly (and I have been trying to get a book finalised and released in the past couple of weeks), but like so many things in life its not going quite how I imagined.

The aim of the project was for me to be completing things – however, instead I am mainly starting them instead! It could be argued that starting things is an important precursor to finishing things, and I completely agree, so let’s park that awkwardness. That’s not to say things aren’t getting finished – and to prove it I will leave you with my first batch of completed Teutonic Knights, their Grand Master, and some sergeants.

At this rate I might be able to get a game of Saga in soon.

I have a partially completed a 1,500 point force of these guys for War and Conquest, so getting them completed would be great, and my first complete historical project. I’m definitely looking forward to sharing more progress with them over the coming weeks.

Published by Eddie Bar

Fantasy storyteller, reader and wargamer.

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