Book Review: Horseman by Christina Henry

What is it?

Christina Henry tells a new tale of terror set in the village of Sleepy Hollow.

Who’s the writer?

Christina Henry is a best-selling horror writer who draws inspiration from well-known stories and crafts them into new tales of terror.

What’s it about?

Tales of witchcraft and evil spirits abound in Sleepy Hollow. They always have, but now the village that seems stuck in its ways, where outsiders are rarely seen, finds itself in the grip of a wave of killings.

At the centre of the tale is Ben Van Brunt. Ben’s parents died when Ben was a baby. Ben now lives with grandparents who are wealthy landowners. Born a girl Ben identifies as a boy and must navigate the challenges this throws up in his relationships, particularly with his grandmother, whilst avoiding unwanted attention.

As Ben seeks to find out just what is causing the deaths of children in the village, he starts to uncover more and more about his own family history, including their relationship with the horseman, who has not been seen for some 20 years or more. Has the horseman returned, or is there something else out there?

Is it any good?

Absolutely. Christina Henry has a knack for taking a well-known story and then asking the question “What happened next?” or “What happened before?” or “What would happen if?”. She has shown off this talent previously in titles like Lost Boys and Alice. Horseman is yet another example of her ability to draw the reader into her dark visions and keep us nervously guessing about what wicked creature will come our way next.

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