Book Review: The Wisdom of Crowds

What is it?

The final book in Joe Abercrombie’s Age of Madness trilogy set in a fantasy world in the midst of an industrial revolution.

Who’s the writer?

Joe Abercrombie, a best-selling fantasy author of two trilogies and a further three standalone books all set in the same world.

What’s it about?

The industrialisation of the Union has created unrest. As the divide between the rich and poor expands exploited workers rise-up in the name of The Great Change. Revolution is in the air and blood runs in the streets.

Meanwhile in the north the seemingly eternal struggle for the throne continues, creating desperate alliances.

The structures that hold the world together are being shaken, even Valint and Bulk appear to be on shaky ground. Will they fall or will the old orders claw their way back to power?

Is it any good?

This is a thoroughly engaging and, in my case, highly anticipated book that rounds out the most recent trilogy in an explosive and unexpected way.

Joe’s world is increasingly becoming one of two halves. Whilst the Union advances away from the more traditional fantasy tropes the north, and beyond, seem to increasingly see the more traditionally recognisable elements of fantasy story telling returning. Not only does this create a dynamic environment for the Age of Madness trilogy, but also sets up an intriguing platform for future books.

Published by Eddie Bar

Fantasy storyteller, reader and wargamer.

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