Book Review: The Rivers of London

What is it?

A murder mystery set in both the real and spirit worlds of modern London.

Who’s the writer?

Ben Aaronovitch is a London author whose early career in screen writing saw him write for Doctor Who and Casualty.

What’s it about?

Peter Grant is a police constable in the Metropolitan Police when a seemingly random, but particularly messy murder happens on his patch. He is guarding the crime scene when he receives a tip from a less than substantial source.

He ends up assigned to a small, and equally mysterious department of the Met to track down the killer and learn magic. All this whilst trying to make the department’s luxurious, yet decidedly dated, headquarters compatible with the 21st century, or at least the tail end of the 20th.

Is it any good?

This is one of those books I got engrossed in pretty much from the first couple of pages. It is a fabulous blend of crime, comedy and the supernatural. Aaronovitch’s London is beautifully observed, and brought to life through honest, but loving, eyes and described in a warm voice with a wry smile. The characters are well rounded and supernatural London draws you in gently, but before you know it, you’re in amongst the ages and worlds of this ancient city. There is one other great thing about this book – it’s part of a series, so now I just need to remember where I left my copy of Moon Over Soho.

Published by Eddie Bar

Fantasy storyteller, reader and wargamer.

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